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28.04. - 28.05.
Herman Hebler (1911-2007) was one of Norway’s leading avant-garde artists and the only to consistently work with a concrete or constructivist expression.

He is internationally renowned as a graphic artist, and considered one of the pioneers of the serigraph-technique in Norway. By establishing The Norwegian International Graphic Biennale (later Triennial) in Fredrikstad, he made an huge effort in bringing international graphic art to Norway, and overall to bring art out to a greater public. Hebler also worked with painting, mosaics and three-dimensional objects, but always within a concrete expression.
<strong>HERMAN HEBLER</strong><br />
<em>Rotasjon S.H.</em><br />
Akryl på lerret, 105 x 105 cm <strong>HERMAN HEBLER</strong><br />
<em>Erupsjon 4</em><br />
Serigrafi, 65 x 65 cm<br />
Opplag: 30 <strong>HERMAN HEBLER</strong><br />
<em>Uten tittel</em><br />
Akryl på plate, 100 x 100 cm <strong>HERMAN HEBLER</strong><br />
<em>Filosofiens TAO</em><br />
Serigrafi, 65 x 65 cm <strong>HERMAN HEBLER</strong><br />
<em>Uten tittel</em><br />
Akryl på plate, 80 x80 cm <strong>HERMAN HEBLER</strong><br />
<em>Uten tittel</em><br />
Akryl på plate, 80 x 80 cm
Exhibition period: 28.04. - 28.05. 2017
Opening: Torsdag 27.04. kl. 18.00
Place: Oslo Kunsthandel, Kristian Augusts gate 13, 0164 Oslo

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